"A brand is a company’s most important asset" --Marc Benioff #quote

Destaco a continuación un párrafo del artículo A Brand is Not Just a Logo - It's Your Most Important Asset:
"A brand is a company’s most important asset. A company can’t “own” its facts. If the company’s facts (speed, price, quality) are superior to the competition, any good competitor will duplicate them, or worse, improve upon them, as soon as possible. What a company can own, however, is a personality. We own NO SOFTWARE—not because we are the only one doing it but because we were the first to think it was important to customers. By consistently delivering an attitude that is future focused and pioneering, we have created a personality. We act the way people expect us to, which has made them feel connected to us. It goes beyond logic. It’s an emotional attachment, and that’s an asset that cannot be stolen by any competitor."
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