Al fin "un cacho de cultura", en esto de la transformación digital

Qué alegría me dio leer este artículo en el que se menciona como un aspecto clave de la transformación digital al cambio cultural que se requiere.

Veo a muchos temerosos por los puestos que las máquinas van a arrebatarnos a nosotros los humanos, pero pocos pensando en el GAP de capacidades que ya tenemos para afrontar la transformación.

Rescato 6 frases del artículo:
  1. "The innovative approach required for digital disruption to succeed will instead come from talented people."
  2. “Employers can start encouraging a culture of collaboration through using technology in the right ways.”
  3. "One example is to give people the tools they need to free up their time from administrative or mundane tasks, so teams can collaborate on creative initiatives, customer-centric improvements to the business, and experimentation."
  4. “Working collaboratively will not just apply to working with other people, but having the skills to work effectively and efficiently with machines also."
  5. "Findings showed that 94% of executives believe a “moderate” or “severe” digital skills gap is preventing their organisations from reaching their digital future."
  6. “If employers don’t address the skills gap soon, they risk losing a competitive edge to those who are adopting digital initiatives."
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