3 words for 2017

Encontré por casualidad este post de Chris Brogan que habla de un hábito interesante que adquirió hace años. Básicamente elige 3 palabras que lo ayudarán a orientarse en el año.

En sus propias palabras:
"The idea behind there being three words (and not five or seven or one) is that you can create a kind of “triangulation” between three words, such that they can stand alone and work together.
Some people pick phrases. That’s fine, but it also kind of eats the power potential of what you can do with the words. “Do the work” pretty much eats up a lot of room compared to “work,” which gets the same accomplished.
Some people pick one word. That’s fine. It’s just not the same as trying to find a way to cover all aspects of how you want to grow in the year to come. Or it might be too simplistic when all is said and done. “Thrive” is a great word. But what will you actually do to make that real?"
Creo que voy a probarlo. Y vos, ¿qué palabras elegirías para este 2017?

Seguimos pensando..