#consultip 240. Hay muchas formas de dar feedback al cliente, piense y elija bien en cada caso

El otro día encontré este post de HBR llamado A Consultant’s Guide to Difficult Client Feedback en el que su autor deja un interesante consultip: hay muchas formas de dar feedback al cliente, piense y elija bien en cada caso, pues su relación depende de ello.

El artículo dice

“… that consultants have many different ways to present feedback: You can dole it out in small doses and let the client reach his own conclusions, or you can lay out all the evidence at once and explain what action to take. You can give the client some advance warning about the key messages, or you can surprise her. You can list the next steps for moving forward, or you can collaborate with your client to develop an action plan. There are dozens of other variations in between.

No matter the approach, giving feedback to clients — like giving feedback to anyone, really — is a difficult dance that requires thought, preparation, and learning over time. On the one hand, you have to be aware of your own emotional balance and anxiety, which can cloud your judgment about what to do. On the other hand, you have to assess the client’s ability to listen and do something with the feedback. Then, based on both of these factors, you have to consciously look at the alternatives and decide how to proceed. If you’re too brutal, your message may be rejected or dismissed; if you’re too soft or nice, the client may not take it seriously. If you get this wrong, it could end your consulting relationship. If you get it right, however, it could be the beginning of a valuable partnership.

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