Deuda Técnica

En el artículo Technical debt: What is it and why should CIOs care? encontré dos frases interesantes.

De Isreal Gat, Agile Practice Director, the Cutter Consortium:

“It is like flossing teeth. No disaster happens if I do not floss today. Probably nothing much if I do not floss for a week. Neglect for longer periods will probably make me land in the dentist’s chair. Ditto for technical debt - you must refactor the code on an ongoing basis.”

De Sean Rich, Enterprise IT Director, Cutter Consortium:

“If I had to pick one thing, I believe the best thing leaders can do is encourage a shift in mindset from a short term game to long term...to move from project management to product management.Too often, an organization's perspective favors short term gain over long term sustainability and that's how debt builds. It's a natural human tendency that leaders need to understand, observe for and steer the organization away from.”

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