Deuda Técnica

En el artículo Technical debt: What is it and why should CIOs care? encontré dos frases interesantes.

De Isreal Gat, Agile Practice Director, the Cutter Consortium:

“It is like flossing teeth. No disaster happens if I do not floss today. Probably nothing much if I do not floss for a week. Neglect for longer periods will probably make me land in the dentist’s chair. Ditto for technical debt - you must refactor the code on an ongoing basis.”

De Sean Rich, Enterprise IT Director, Cutter Consortium:

“If I had to pick one thing, I believe the best thing leaders can do is encourage a shift in mindset from a short term game to long move from project management to product management.Too often, an organization's perspective favors short term gain over long term sustainability and that's how debt builds. It's a natural human tendency that leaders need to understand, observe for and steer the organization away from.”

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