“Flow, the secret of happiness” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi #weekendvideo

Les dejo una charla de Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi sobre el "fluir" (gracias Maxi!).

Él la encara desde la perspectiva de la felicidad. Digamos desde un costado romántico. Más allá de la felicidad, lograr un estado de fluir permite lograr las tareas con mucho menor esfuerzo. Dejo también una referencia de Peopleware, donde es posible verlo desde una perspectiva más utilitaria, más práctica.

"During single-minded work time, people are ideally in a state that psychologists call flow. Flow is a condition of deep, nearly meditative involvement. In this state, there is a gentle sense of euphoria, and one is largely unaware of the passage of time: "I began to work. I looked up, and three hours had passed." There is no consciousness of effort; the work just seems to, well, flow. You've been in this state often, so we don't have to describe it to you.

Not all work roles require that you attain a state of flow in order to be productive, but for anyone involved in engineering, design, development, writing, or like tasks, flow is a must."

Seguimos pensando..