Un código de trabajo para los consultores

Jerry Weinberg publicó en su blog hace unos días un post titulado A Code of Work for Consultants. Me pareció interesante la idea de tener como consultor un conjunto de reglas que nos permita decidir si haremos el trabajo que se nos plantea o no.

Transcribo la lista de Jerry a continuación:

    1. I will not work for an organization whose goals are not consonant with my beliefs.
    2. I will not work on projects whose goals I do not understand, or cannot agree with.
    3. Before becoming part of a project, I must first obtain agreement on what percentage of my time I can (and must) spend on continuing professional development, and what resources will be provided me for that purpose.
    4. I will not work under measurement schemes that pit one person's performance against another's. Rather, I will co-operate totally to help others in the project achieve their full potential, as I expect them to help me do.
    5. I will not accept work without understanding what is to be done, and why. Nor will I pass work to others without their similar understanding.
    6. All my work will always be open and available for critical comments (circumscribed, as appropriate, by security considerations). Furthermore, I will always stand ready to review the work of others in exchange for them returning the service to me.
    7. As long as the above conditions are met, I will devote myself in the utmost to achieving the goals of my client and their project.

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